Nature Boy Buddy Rogers vs Killer Kowalski – Chicago 1960’s

Nature Boy Buddy Rogers vs Killer Kowalski – Chicago 1960’s

The Nature Boy Buddy Rogers vs Wladek Killer Kowalski from Fred Kohler’s Chicago 1960’s Professional Wrestling TV Show

Dating from the 1960’s Fred Kohler’s TV program was filmed at the Marigold Arena. “The Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers takes on Wladek “Killer” Kowalski in an all time great 2 out of 3 falls match.


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On This Day August 30, 1962 – Buddy Rogers vs Bruno Sammartino – Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto

60 years ago Aug 30 1962 MLG Toronto: The third Buddy Rogers vs Bruno Sammartino matchup ends when Bruno misses a dropkick and lands awkwardly on the ropes. Captured in a clip from our MLG Film at Toronto Classic Wrestling on YouTube

Film from Maple Leaf Gardens Aug 1962. The first meeting between World champ Buddy Rogers and Bruno Sammartino in July 1962 ends when Bruno can’t continue after hitting the mat head first and is is unable to get up before the 10 count. Two weeks later in front of 14,000 fans Bruno controls the bout and when Rogers attempts to leap over Bruno he gets hit below the belt by a charging Sammartino. Ref Tiger Tasker is ready to declare Bruno the new champ but Bruno, being the rule abiding hero, addresses the fans (in Italian) refusing to accept the title under the circumstances. A rematch is set for August. For the 3rd meeting (film clip) in front of 14,000 again (and with traffic jams outside MLG) Bruno gives Rogers a beating but Sammartino tries for another drop kick and lands badly on the ropes. Tasker declares him done. Rogers takes the win, and next returns to Toronto to lose the title to Lou Thesz in Jan 63. Film courtesy