Nell Stewart Slams Nature Boy Buddy Rogers

Nell Stewart body slams the Nature Boy Buddy Rogers at training session.

Overheard floating on the air… Probably!

        "The idea here, see, is t'get yerself set...both you meanin' in this case me, and yer opponent, in this case you set and the other guy sets, see, without lettin' the crowd know that that's what yer doin', see...a flow, I'm talkin' about a flow, right? Right. A flow. Pick up, set, slam, jump up, set, land it? Any questions? Okay, Nellie, slam me down..."


        "See what she did and what I did? How she placed me, how I didn't get killed? Who else wantsa try?"

"I got a question first, Dutch..."

"Shoot, Lou."

"What if yer opponent don't smell as good as Nellie?"


    "You start hangin' out at a higher-class bar."


"How 'bout you? What's yer name, again?"

"Joe Taglianetti, Dutch."

"Okay, Joe, come on in."

"Oh, boy..."


OH.. to be a fly on the wall of this gym on that day….

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